keywords: poetry, biology, letterpress, magnolias, artists’ books, Susan Howe, paste-ups, dinoflagellates, silkscreen, cats, carpals, wetsuit, organic chemistry, 501c3s, epistles, the web, webs, veterinary clinics, tactile switches, interdisciplinary, pluck, plucky, the word “and” (in poetry)

Editorial and Administrative Assistant, Center for Book Arts /
Advanced Creative Writing Workshop teacher, Columbia University /
Book design & manuscript copy /

MFA writing poetry; Columbia University, New York, NY

/ Max Ritvo Poetry Fellow & Pine Tree Scholar
/ Print Art Editor and designer of Columbia Journal 58
/ Independent mentorship in printmaking

BSc in biology & English literature; University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C.

/ Phylogeny, etymology, and ecology
/ Muddled genre and genera

Unqualified qualifications

/ Nonprofit arts organizations & animal shelters
/ Essay ghostwriter
/ Artist and master printer assistant
/ On-site harm reduction services & needle exchanges
/ Hospital porter/orderly
/ Laboratory assistant in fluorescent microscopy