Allison Carter-Beaulé

poetry, biology, letterpress, magnolias, artists’ books, silkscreen, dinoflagellates1, typographical ornaments, cats, “wetsuit,” etymology, organic chemistry, 35mm, epistles, research libraries, The Web, webs, tactile switches, broadsides, carpals, interdisciplinary, pluck, plucky, [sic], “and,” ornithology, marbles2, southern resident orcas3

[1] Artist-at-Sea resident, August 2023; two weeks sailing aboard the R/V Sally Ride with mesozooplankton scientists. 35mm
[2] Marbling/microscopy
[3] The Names of the Glaciers artists’ book on view Jan 18 - May 1, 2024 at Center for Book Arts, NYC.
Spring 2020 - Print Art Editor & Book Designer

cover [left]: two-colour letterpress print of a fly tie and fish made of typographical ornaments; printed at Ugly Duckling Presse by Matvei Yankelevich

selections of artwork by Rosaire Appel, Slavko Đurić, Amy Wright, Kent Monkman, Jen P. Harris, Charlotte Edey, & DeCarlo Logan